Man Captures Emotional Moment When His Mother Loses Her Memory. So Emotional!

The bond between mothers and sons is strong. With that in mind, you can understand why Joey loves his mother dearly.

Sadly, Joey’s mother lost her memory, and he accidentally recorded the moment and later shared the heartbreaking clip. Since then, Joey records videos that show the lives of dementia patients.

Joey made the video series for people who have dementia. He hopes the videos will make a difference and show the suffering of dementia patients.

He knows the pain of dealing with his mother and feels the loss and pain when his mother’s memory failed her.

His 66-year –old mother remembers nothing about her husband and some aspects of her life. Joey spends most of the time with her, taking her to the mall and for lunch. Sometimes, she remembers, and sometimes she has no idea what is going on.

Watch the video and see the lives of Joey and his mother. I now understand how the caregivers of dementia patients feel. Keep soldiering on Joey!

Did the video move you? Do you anyone who has dementia? Leave your comments.

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