Man Changes His Name Then Applies For Work. The Outcome? How Will We End This Discrimination!

Sometimes we may think that it is the world which is unfair to us, or that we are unlucky, yet we really are not aware of the causes. In the clip below, we find that many a times, it is discrimination that plays the role of making us become frustrated in some aspects. The video is basically a confession of a man named José.

For more than three months, he had been sitting before his computer and applying for vacant positions advertised on Craigslist. He says that on a daily basis, he used to apply 50-100 jobs, but he never received any feedback. Perplexed with how unlucky he was, he sat down to think of the possible reasons, and decided to take another test to see if it was his name that was bringing the bad luck.

He went forward to omit the ‘s’ on his name and once again sent his Curriculum vitae to the same places that had been advertising work on Craigslist. This time round, he was astonished with the response he got.

Watch and listen to his confession in the clip below to find out what happened. Please SHARE the clip on your Facebook wall so that everyone can know of the existence of employment discrimination!


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