Man Saves More Than $5,000 In Pennies For 45 Years. This Is Unbelievable!

A man was more than shocked when he entered a Louisiana bank, simply because for 45 years, Otha Anders had been piling up all the pennies in 15 huge 5-gallon water vessels.

According to him, encountering a penny lying about in the streets was a clear sign of a blessing and a gift from God and a reminder to be always grateful to Him.

His love for pennies was way too far, even making him to change a dollar note for coins equivalent to that.

Anders said that when he used to visit someone’s house and find a penny, he would take it and tell the owner that he would have given back to him if it is a quarter, but since it is a penny, he would take it.

But since the insurance of his home never insured his great penny collection, he had no otherwise but to take it to the bank.

The surprising thing is that the bank counted the pennies for a duration of 5 hours to come up with a total of $5,136.14!

Knowing the totals, he said that the money would go to pay a tooth bill that he had.

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