This Man Does Something Incredible For His Paraplegic Dog.. I Have No Words For THIS!

This is the most touching story of companionship and devotion I have ever come across. After Loois, the pit bull got an accident during surgery, he eventually became paraplegic. His owner Craig Mosher was not the type to see his pet suffer, and he decided to do whatever he could to ensure that Loois continued living happily.

Craig bought a wheelchair costing $220 from the K9 Company for his dog. I am pretty sure that most people would be surprised to see what this guy does for his pet. There are many families who have ailing pets, but they cannot do anything for their pets since they cannot afford the cost of the treatment. No one knows Craig Mosher’s financial situation, but we are sure about one thing- he has a big heart. The best part of this story is not even what Craig does for his pet but how describe the situation. There is no point where Craig expresses regret or tiredness over Loois’s situation. Instead, he is just concerned to see Loois’s living a happy life.

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