Man Spots A Figure Moving Across The Street. What He Discovers Is Baffling!

When Solomon Jones went out during the early hours of the morning right after midnight, he came across a situation no one would have anticipated to witness. This happened as he walked down the streets of Memphis.

Just along the street, he saw a small stature. A girl, aged two years was strolling down the road, in the chilly and by herself at 3 a.m.

Jones hurriedly caught up with the kid, bearing in mind he had to assist her reach home. The child’s security and welfare were now in Jones’ hands.

He walked through the dark and quiet vicinity while tightly holding the toddler in his arms.

The small girl was too confused to pass on whichever kind of message concerning where she lived or the reason she was away from home at that hour. Jones summoned the police force.

Luckily, Jones’ alert deeds rescued the 2-year-old child from both risk and the chilly. Finally, the officers got there and were able to take the terrified kid to her parents.

But why was the kid outside alone initially? As said by the small girl’s mom, somebody else was looking after her the night she walked onto the clear Memphis roads.

Jones got some criticism for calling the police in a situation like this, although he was not left with any option. In spite of people’s views, Jones was a kind person that night.

Jones explained that he just wants somebody to be able to do a similar thing — have a similar heart like his if they came across his daughter out like in the same situation.

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