Man Wheels A Dead Body Into A Room Then A Scary Process Begins… OMG!

Death remains an unthinkable topic among many people. We speak of death in hushed tones.

When you die, would you prefer a cremation or the traditional burying in a coffin?

Well, cremation is not as scary as it sounds. Here is a video that demonstrates the process. Worry not! It is not graphic.

Some communities such as the Indians cremate their dead. Unlike the traditional send off in a casket, cremation involves burning the corpse. Oxidation, high-temperature burning, and vaporization reduce the corpse to basic compounds such as mineral fragments.

The body is wrapped in a winding sheet, placed in a box, and sent to the burning chambers. How do family members identify the ashes of their loved ones? Before the cremation process, a metal tag is attached to the body. The metal does not melt during the process.

What are your thoughts on the procedure? Do you find it chilling? Would you choose it over the traditional coffin ceremony? Let us know in the comments section.

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