Man With Multiple Talents Present Basketball Fans With A Rare Spectacular – Watch!

Basketball fans at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks game were treated to a spectacular performance. The National Anthem performance was performed in a unique fashion; mind-blowing to say the least!

Artist Joseph Everson took his position at the center of the court. He brought his canvas along with him. While the rest stood alert as they sang the National Anthem, Joseph did not follow suit. Joseph focused on his canvas and paint brushes.

If you thought men cannot multitask, think again! Joseph sang as he continued painting his canvas. He starts by drawing white marks on his canvas.

The audience is mesmerized as Joseph works on his masterpiece. He does not stop singing altogether. At first, it is not clear what Joseph is painting. He splatters red paint on the drawings and uses his fingers to white-dot some areas.  You can tell the painting is extra special.

What was the final artist’s creation? Let me not ruin the surprise. Watch the incredible performance and the stunning masterpiece that followed. What are your thoughts and opinions?

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