Marathon Runners Shake Hands With This War Veteran, Now Look At His Face. I Guess That Is Pure Joy!

During a 408K marathon which was held in San Jose, Joe Bell, a WWII veteran who has 98 years came out of his house to cheer up the athletes who were nearby.

Carried by a wave of emotion of what Bell was doing, one runner deflected from the others and went straight to him. Bell never knew what this runner had in mind, until he got to him and started shaking his hand and appreciating the work he was doing in motivating the runners. Soon, there were many runners who came by show respect to Bell!

For me, he was happy when the first runner went to him to give him a hand shake, but as he kept on greeting many runners, his face became brighter and brighter with a pure expression of joy. They all paid their respect to this once soldier who gave his life to protect the nation.

It is very surprising that with his advanced age, Bell had to shake every runner that passed by with a smile on the face. Not only did Bell smile, but the runners too had their smile while returning back to the running line.

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