Marine Elder Sister Travels A Long Distance To Look For Custody Of Her Two Young Brothers

Melissa was born to a family which faced hardship. She practically grew in many foster homes while her mother kept going in and out of jail. Currently, she is of 21 years and works as a Marine. She has ensured that she had exploited much of her life, when in real sense she never was fortunate when small. She was the oldest in a family of three kids and never had the change to be with her brothers, Christian and J.J. because they grew up in separate foster homes. On a recent arrest of her mother, she tested positive for meth use. For this reason and the other one of not seeing her brothers for 6 years, she decided to do everything so as to get a full custody of them.

Her worry is that the judge might deny her the custody saying that she is still too young for such a big responsibility. Even with doubts, she decided to drive a 2,000-mile distance to Alabama so as to talk with the judge over the issue. This made Prank It FWD to intervene and pay the fuel, food for the journey and a month’s rent.

All went well and Melissa was told to have the full custody of her brothers. She relayed the information to her brothers who felt happy. Upon returning home, both of them were surprised when Prank It FWD gave her a new Toyota so that she can take her brothers for a ride.

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