Marriage Relationship Breaks Due To Her Love For Keeping Dolls!

Alice, a mother of five kids, has always wanted to have more children, unluckily, she has an anemic condition which is a threat to her life making her unable to have another again.  However in this condition, she hasn’t stopped performing the basic chores a house wife does.  Her home is filled with dolls.

Her “babies,” made from vinyl material which gives them a lifelike eerily look are known as Reborn Dolls, which end up costing up to $2000 a doll. When this video was taken, she still lived with her children aged 12 to 22 but used to dress her Reborn Dolls with expensive clothes, do their hair daily, strap them into car seats and take them to the zoo.

She never expected to have a closer bond to the dolls, but came to understand that they filled her material emptiness. To date she has over 50 dolls of which she takes care like real babies.

Her relationship with Chris, her husband began to deteriorate when she was plainly enjoying being a full-time mother. She commented to Caters TV that they argued of other things, but the dolls sent a chill down his spine due to their real appearance, a reason why he left her. This made her worry over the dolls and took them to her bedroom where she bought cots for them to sleep in.

She has all the equipment for the taking care of real life babies from cots, baby bouncers, prams, and lots of tiny outfits. She says that she has spent a fortune on her dolls.

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