Meet Peter The Elephant Who Loves Playing Piano. How He Does IT? AMAZING!

The rate at which animals are doing humanly things is quite alarming – but we all enjoy whenever we come across such a scenario.  This message can’t be put across any better than how Peter the elephant is doing it in the clip you’re about to watch.

Peter loves music so much and so when he sees this man playing the piano, he is tempted to join him. PaulBartonPaino uploaded this video and he revealed that Peter played the music with a completely unique style.  This elephant lives in Thailand in one non-profit program known as Elephantstay.

From the way he’s flapping his ears, you can only conclude one thing  – Peter is enjoying the music. You also have to watch the other elephant that’s nearby, it wags its tail and makes some funny movements which can be likened to those of a dancer.

As revealed by PaulBartonPiano, elephants like Peter have the tendency of changing their moods from time to time. They are normally in a playful mood when it’s cool just before nightfall, which is not the case at other times.

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