Message Falls Down From The Sky With Parachutes. Look At The People’s Reaction… So Amazing!

How many times have you ever stopped to look at the person besides you and tell him/her how wonderful she or he is? This is a short meaningful phrase but it rarely comes out of our mouths, when we are in public places, in buses, or in any given place. This is because most of the time, we are thinking about our businesses, how to acquire something or worse still we are deeply concentrated on our smart phones.

In the clip below, we witness this same fact we are talking about. The video starts showing people in a public place doing different things. Others strolling around, doing shopping and many more. Then all of a sudden, there were things similar to small parachutes falling from the sky. They were many in number and kept falling everywhere. On them was a written note attached. The message read that it was an encouraging reminder to everyone that it only takes a very short time to demonstrate to a person that you really care for him.

After a number of them read the note, they started to…

Watch the video below to see what their reaction was. Please SHARE this lovely clip with all your friends to show them that you also care for them!

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