Michael Bublé Is Stopped By A Mom While Performing, The Reason? Unbelievable!

I don’t know why but I become sentimental whenever I happen to hear this music playing on the radio.

My favorite musicians are those of long ago like The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. I think this is the reason why Michael Bublé gained more popularity with his music.

In the following clip, Michael Bublé is seen as a realistic person. While you will expect other musicians to react in an unpleasing manner if a fan interrupts them while on a concert, Bublé reacts in a cool and professional manner.

The video is from his TV collection of his wonderful live concerts known as This Is Michael Bublé. It’s about his life while touring. On the clip, a mother practically runs onstage when he was performing at Birmingham, England. All she tells Bublé is that her son was a wonderful singer and he wanted to perform with him. Bublé agreed and “Feeling Good” started playing.

Most of the crowd thought that the concert would not be as sweet as it was before when the kid went onstage to perform with Bublé. Bublé himself realized that the boy had a don,and yelled out that he could sing while he assisted him to climb onstage.

Surely this is a cool way for an artist to handle his fans. Please SHARE if you loved this twosome performing!

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