Michael Martin Murphy Accompanies An 11-Year-Old, And The Duet Is Like Nothing Before… WOW!

Something really good happened at the MuzArt World Foundation in 2014, and it so did because Michael Martin Murphy would like families to stay together and not break up and frustrate the children.

Michael writes and also sings hit-songs, and on this occasion, he was performing his 1978 hit, “What’s Forever For.”

To drive his point home, the singer invited a famed little lady to sing along with him. Lexi Walker is an 11-year-old who has already made her name by her great performances of great hit songs, including the National Anthem. She’s truly earned herself some recognition.

As Michael explains, he decided to involve a child in the song because children need a mom and a dad in their families, and broken families deny them that.

Needless to say, the two are really an item when it comes to doing duets, and you have to give it to the little girl for her epic role in the whole cool thing. By himself, Michael Martin Murphy is a big shot, and he quite hit the mark this time by performing with Lexi. The lyrics will move you.

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