Mom Decides To Make Her Daughters Some Personalized Cakes. The Reason? My Heart Is Melting!

It can always be hard for parents to choose words to inform any of their older kids that they will soon be bringing another kid home when pregnant.

When the news is revealed, some of the kids may become jealous and others tend to be shocked. This video presents a unique way that one couple opted to use while breaking the news to their little kids.

This video was uploaded on YouTube by a user named hkbsparkle and within it; she explains how as a couple they choose to break the news to the ‘Big Sisters.’ They decided to make personalized cookie cakes which had some writing on them and gave them to their daughters. The writings on each cake were ‘Big sister.’

When the girls were given the personalized cakes, they seemed a bit confused, but the message had played its role in preparing them.

You have to watch this to see the way they reacted upon receiving the news. This gave us a way of learning something about their personalities. My heart was melted when the two sisters decided to hug each other.

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