Mom Falls Pregnant But Doesn’t Realize It. What Happens Next Is A Real Shocker!

The first time I checked out this video, I found it really hard to believe it. But there it was. You won’t want to skip this!

So here’s Emily, mother of 2. One day, went into the shower, and then something happened in there and changed her whole life. Emily had some sharp abdominal pains that almost paralyzed her. She screamed until her own kids joined in the cry. Thinking that her appendix might be about to burst, she got on the phone and called her mom.

When her mom came over, Emily was in so much pain that she couldn’t even put on a shirt. Her mom rushed her to the hospital and had her wait in the car as she went for the nurses. That’s when it happened!

She felt something slide out of her. She thought her appendix had finally burst, and then her mom saw it. Believe it not, Emily had just given birth to a baby! All the while the good lady had no idea that she was actually pregnant!

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