Mom Has A Big Surprise For Her Daughter’s Day Care Worker, It’s Heartwarming!

Brittney Nichols has 2-year-old daughter who needs special attention. She was born prematurely, and developed some health complications. Nichols was driving when she saw her child’s day care worker. She was walking to church. This is an area where everybody, has to own a car. They need it to get around. Seeing her walk like that was a red flag. She also noted that she had a special bond with her daughter, they got along very well.

I saw her, Christy, walking to church on a Sunday morning, bible under her arm and dressed in her Sunday dress. She loved the way Christy was always happy each morning receiving the kids. So she called the day care and inquired about her car situation. She was informed she did not have any. She felt she had to do something, even if she didn’t have the means; she had faith that it would work out, somehow.

She mobilized the community around and within a few weeks they had made enough to buy a pre-owned Chevy Cavalier. The car also came with insurance and pre-paid driving lessons. Watch what happens when she is presented with the car. More than anything else, she felt wonderful being appreciated for her work and being recognized for it.

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