Mom Noticed The Baby Had 2 Onesies, Then Husband Revealed This… OMG!

When their little baby boy came into this world, Naae and Mark were the happiest couple in the world. They arranged for a nice baby shower some weeks later and invited friends. Naae had no idea that some “sneaky” people were planning something huge behind her back!

So the party was on, and then at one point, some friends got baby Zyaire all wrapped up in a onesie and some soft blanket. They then brought the baby to his mom and handed him over. Naae was supposed to unwrap the baby and find something hidden in there.

She unwraps the yellow blanket and gets to the onesie. She unwarps it but then she finds another one. Confused, she doesn’t know why her baby is wearing two onesies, but her friends urge her on. She unwarps the last one and stares right into the surprise of her life!

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