Mom Pulls Out “Mission Impossible” As She Escapes The Baby’s Room, This Will Have You In Absolute Hysterics!

The clip below was retrieved from a CCTV footage that features a mom who had taken her baby to sleep. Caryn Morris, a mom from South Africa is the one who makes the news. As Caryn revealed, on this day the baby never wanted to sleep – something that was do indifferent from what normally happens.

If you have spent time with toddlers, then you know how clever they are.  Broady, the 15-month old baby never wanted her mother to leave him alone. Since that day there were some guests who were coming home, mom wanted to do a few things around the house. So when mom noticed what the kid was up to, she decided to think out of the box.

The moment the kid’s eyes were half closed, mom decided to crawl away so as not to disturb the baby. It is the manner in which she did it that will leave you in stitches. Many have termed her moves “mission impossible” and you have to watch the clip below to see what happened.

Have you ever witnessed or as a parent have you ever acted desperately to get out of a certain situation?

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