Mom Records Twins Having Hilarious ‘Conversation’. This Is SO ADORABLE!

Twins have a special connection with each other; the rest of us cannot understand. The clip below features a perfect example of a pair that has grown side by side, and understand each other on a deeper level.

Babies do the dandiest things that will make you laugh. In the clip below, the two identical and bubbly twins are having a serious conversation.  Ironically, they have not said a single word to each other. The twin boys, dressed in matching t-shirts and shorts are having an animated conversation that no one understands. I wonder if they are talking about their mother changing their diapers.

The boys, seated on the carpet facing each other, make noises, screech, and smile. One boy does something and the other one response.

You cannot resist the temptation to laugh. Even mom cannot stop laughing despite not understanding baby language. Sadly, the common folk cannot decode the hilarious conversation between the boys.

Watch the hilarious video below. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Have you ever seen something similar before?

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