Mom Wants Pacifier Company To Do Something After Their Product Did This To Her Baby…

Pacifiers can pose a threat to anyone and this North Carolina mother by the name of Kacie McFadden, knows that very well because Ryder, her son, has had two nasty experiences with pacifiers produced by a company named MAM.

One day, when Kacie was on a routine check of her baby, she noted that Ryder was choking. By that time Ryder was 8 weeks old. She had to run into the room and the cause was that the pacifier had broken and some of it was stuck at Ryder’s throat.

Seeing her son in that condition, she had to perform Heimlich, by hitting her kid on the back. Had it not been that she checked on her some at that time, Ryder would have died. After the incident, she contacted the MAM Company who were very apologetic to her and sent her a new pack of pacifiers. They never bothered to ask her to return the broken one to them. She again gave her kid other pacifiers.

After two months elapsed, the pacifier’s nipple got torn and ended up at Ryder’s throat. She was scared to death and vowed never to use them again. Apart from her, other 10 different users have complained of the same product of MAM, saying that it causes choking. Defending themselves, MAM said that the breaking off is caused by some changes like when the baby grows teeth, too much usage, and some cleaning agents used on them. But for the case of Kacie, her baby had no teeth and gums were not able to break the silicone away from the plastic.

Confessing, Kacie said that they are not in need to be refunded money by the MAM Company or use their product, what they want is them to admit that their products are faulty and they will be fixing the problem.

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