Mom Wants To Know Who Her Baby Is. The Response? I’m Down!

Let’s start with a common agreement that all little kids are cute and adorable. However, some kids are just too smart for their age. In this video, you meet Isa, this 15-month-old little baby that’s about to break your ribs. Get set!

So we’ve little Isa, and then we’ve her nice mom. Now, this cool mom wants to gauge her daughter’s real intelligence, so she comes up with some interesting questions for her to meet that end. What she didn’t expect is the full hilarity of this young one’s funny answers. Watching the video, I just can’t help deciding that this small human is just too grown for her age. She’s too smart!

Watch as Isa responds to her mom’s queries one-on-one. First, mom wants to know how the little one is feeling. Her answer gives you a rib-cracker. Then mom goes on to “bombard “her with questions, with their answers putting you to the ground every time. When she’s asked who she is, Isa’s hilarious answer will push you to the breaking point. I can’t hold this!

You’ll love this. Just wondering how smart this little human will be by the time she hits age 3 or 4. Incredible!

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