Mom Was Expecting A Surprise Package; She Couldn’t Resist Shedding Tears When It Arrived…

It’s always a sweet moment when we have to reunite with our loved ones whom we have been separated from for quite some time. Whenever I watch friends and families reuniting, it’s hard to prevent myself from getting emotional since it’s something I can relate to.

This video presents a tear-jerking surprise one mother went through while taking a diner at one restaurant. Coincidentally, that happened over her birthday week. Prior to this occasion, her son who is a marine had promised her to expect a package from him as a birthday present.

Just like anyone else could have imagined, she thought the package was going to be any special gift and never though it could be her son. There came her son fully-dressed in his marine uniform. My best part while watching this clip was how the mom reacted to the surprise. When you watch mother and her son embracing each other, it’s easy to tell the amount of love and the extent to which they had missed each other.

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