Money Is Nothing Until Given To A Poor Person… Watch How He Turned Her World!

Money is the key to living a comfortable life though it will never buy us happiness.

Here in the New York City, 60,000 people are homeless. Every person has a different story to tell making it even harder to identify who needs help and who does not. The situation in this area cannot be termed as epidemic because it is even worse. There is a man who is determined to change his own life by using donations.

Elvis Summers lived in Los Angeles and had a neighbor known as Smokie. She was homeless, used to ask him for cans and had the streets as her home. He was determined to change her life by giving her something more valuable than the cans or money.

When Elvis learnt of a Movement known as the Tiny House, he decided to use their help and build Smokie a shelter. As shown in the clip below, him paying $ 500 for the house was nothing compared to the joy he brought Smokie.

What are your thoughts about this movement? Will it help end homelessness in USA?

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