Mother Gets Shocked When Her Son Gets Suspended For Saving An Asthmatic Classmate!

Anthony Ruelas is a boy of 15 years who is in eighth grade at one middle school in Texas. Some days back, while he was in class, a classmate of his needed help urgently.

They were attending lesson in class when one of the classmates, a girl with asthma, started to breath with difficulty. For three minutes, she continued wheezing and no one helped her even when she fell on the floor from her seat. The teacher told the students to remain calm as she was waiting for a response from the school nurse in her email. Anthony refused to stay at his seat and watch his classmate suffer, so he went against the teacher’s command and carried the classmate to the nurse’s office where she received treatment.

For helping his classmate, Anthony was suspended by the teacher to miss school for two days. When Mandy. His mother, saw the suspension letter that the teacher had drafted and she was more than surprised. She went ahead to make the story public and the way it happened because Antony deserved to be thanked for saving a life and not to be punished. She said that since the school of Anthony was an alternative one, most of the students are used to when told that they are bad. But to her, she told KCEN that her son was a hero

Anthony said that what he cared was his classmate’s health and he would do the same thing the next time without thinking of being suspended again.

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