Mother Of 4 Month Old Baby Is Shot Twice But Manages To Frighten The Gunmen

Paul and Semantha Bunce of 21 years old lives in North Carolina, with their two kids. One certain thing with Semantha is that she is a brave woman even though she has a small physique. Actually, she is National Guard combat medic. Recently, something bad happened to her.

While at home nursing her baby boy by the name of Bentley, someone broke the door of her house. After that, she heard gunshots and she definitely knew that she needed to quickly do something. In the incident of protecting her 4 month son and herself, she was shot twice.

She hurried to hide the baby in the bedroom and took her husband’s gun and shot back the intruders at the staircase who were shooting at her. Even though she was shot twice, she managed to make the intruders go away. She was rushed to the hospital where she is currently recovering. When people heard her story, they contributed more than $20,000.

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