Mother Sings Her Hallelujah Version To Her Baby. She Must Have Been An Excellent Singer!

It’s a wonderful thing to be a parent, more especially a mother. This makes you feel proud, when you see your kids. In the following video, we meet Shannon Abbot, who is a mother just like other moms. She is a type of mother that gives all for her kid, but once in a while, she needs a break from the household chores and do some singing.  In her moments that she refers to as free or relief time, she does some song writing. Recently, she wrote a lovely imitation of Leonard Cohen with the title which is funny “Hallelujah.”

Although this imitation sounds alike to the original version of “Hallelujah,” it is different when you listen to it carefully. One thing that is certain is that this imitation is so lovely and can be very interesting to listen to!

While singing the song at her house, besides her baby, she considers the action to be similar to performing at a talent show. Maybe the kid is not interested with the singing of the mother because he is pretty aware that she is singing about him!

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