Muslim Man Comes Out To Seek Some Opinions After The Paris Attacks By Doing This… He Really Thought Of It Well!

There is no such bad thing than losing your loved ones because of terrorist attacks. A country like Kenya and USA were victims of such attacks before. Recently France too experienced the same attacks. After the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris, most people took it to be the Muslims that were behind such a cruel act especially that 129 people have lost their lives.

For this reason, the past week, a Muslim who is a resident of France and particularly living in Paris decided to do one thing to prove to the whole world that being a Muslim doesn’t mean that you are automatically a terrorist. To demonstrate that, he went to Place de la République, and stood there blindfolded and carrying a sign that read “I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, HUG ME.”

And indeed the Paris residents came out in large numbers to do what the sign read, meaning that they never put the fault to the Muslims for the attacks that occurred in Paris on the 13th of November. Upon uploading the clip on YouTube, on the 16th of November, it received many views.

Watch the clip below to see what he had to say after the demonstration. Let us know what you think of this by commenting below! Please SHARE this clip to all your friends and family on Facebook!


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