Navy Band Gets A “Jersey Boys” Introduction, And Then This Happens… WOW!

The Sea Chanters make up the great US Navy Band that’s always been stealing people’s hearts with their unmatched vigor and grace whenever they perform. You might want to know that this time, too, nothing is changing!

So it’s 2014, and these guys have decided to take on some hits from the 60s and turn them into instant crowd-thrillers. Needless to say, the smart singers always have a trick up their sleeve that keeps the crowd all expectant. On this occasion, the US Navy Band is introduced as the “Jersey Boys” and they’re about to take on some of the best selections from this famous group and stun the crowd behind them with one heck of a performance.

When these people start doing stuff, there’s no stopping. At one point, the whole thing gets so heated up that one of the singers can’t help bringing the Master Chief to the stage. This is awesome!

Since the Sea Chanters posted this video in August 2015, it’s been hit more than 700,000 times. That’s good reason to believe whatever these guys did there turned out really great, and you want to see it too. So hit that button and watch this. Thrilled? Please SHARE on Facebook!

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