Neil Young And Jimmy Fallon Are Simply The Best – There Is Nothing Better Than This. WOW!

We all love Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy adores Neil Young. For the past five years or more, our darling Jimmy has been imitating Neil Young. How? With his comedic cover songs on the late night show. Jimmy’s dream of meeting Neil Young actualized at last.

Neil and Jimmy met on the Tonight Show. Previously, Fallon was too scared to ask the legendary Neil for a duet. Fallon had previously performed “Whip My Hair” and “Fancy.” However, he had never performed any song written by Neil Young.

When the duo sings together, their melodious voices amaze the audience. Young has a deeper and raspier voice. It is funny how Jimmy Fallon sounds almost like Neil Young. It would be difficult to tell them apart.

Watch the video below and watch the two men in action.  The duo is dressed in matching hats and jackets. They will blow your mind with their melodious voices.

What did you think of their incredible performance for Jimmy and Neil? What are your thoughts and comments? Let us know in the comments below.

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