Never Get On The Wrong Side Of This Gang Of Bikers, Or Else… A Must Watch!

Annually, the number of children that are neglected and abused is around 906,000. Due to that kind of treatment, around 1,500 of them end up losing their lives. So it is not shocking when a 3rd of the neglected and abused children go ahead and subject their own kids to the same abuse.

BACA or Biker Against Child Abuse, which is a group of bikers have a mission of protecting the teens and kids from abuse. The methods which they are employing in their mission will always make one to think twice before he or she can hit a kid.

This charitable gang comes from Austin, Texas and their efforts made Tough Love – Bikers Against Child Abuse (a documentary series) to be released. The aim of the documentary is to create awareness about the efforts of the extraordinary group.

In the documentary, we will see what they do to nurture, protect and support the abused and neglected kids. You will meet a teen who is nicknamed “Daredevil.” There is a day when two men attacked her at a motel, something that made her family to assume she was missing.

That is when BACA intervened and managed to save her from danger. She then joined the group and in it she is always protected.

Kindly watch the clip below and learn the many good things which this great group is ready to do to the neglected and abused children.

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