News Crew Interviews Students On Bullying Matters, The Results? So Shocking!

ABC conducted a research on bullying and the results were that more than 160,000 children prefer to stay at home rather than going to school because of bullying. It was also revealed that chances for bullied victims to commit suicide are higher, as they only see that as a solution to their problem.

In all schools, there is bullying and many of us have had the opportunity to see the repercussions of it. For instance, bullies at South Allegheny Middle School situated just outside Pittsburgh, have the tendency of bullying on a daily basis. In the clip, you will see how five victims of bullying share their bitter experiences of what they undergo. Revealing to WTAE, a victim of bullying said that if you happen to look different from those bullies who think they are perfect, is similar to when blood drops into water. The school administration has had to see kids getting it rough in settling in for studies and others killing themselves.

In the following clip, news crew spent the whole day at South Allegheny Middle School, trying to find out more about bullying by handing questionnaires to more than 200 students. The results were very shaking to the news crew.

Actually, the administration staff is now looking for effective ways to face bullying and eradicate it completely, in order to prevent more students from suffering and it seems that the Sprigeo is working very well by…

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