Nichole Nordeman Just Took Over The Mom-World. What She Does Will Make You Cry!

It’s just around that good day of the year, Mothers’ Day, when you take your time to appreciate the love of a nice mom. You always want to express your love for your mom in the best and most special way possible. Turns out, somebody just came up with something that’s got all moms weeping in happiness!

It’s all about this one cool clip recorded by Nichole Nordeman. Nichole decided to do a song and record it for all the moms of this dear planet to feel loved and cared for as we celebrate Mothers’ Day. This lady has even incorporated the lyrics to this lovely, “Slow Down.” If you’re a mom and you’re about to watch this clip, you need a handful of tissue because this is going to touch the deepest part of your heart. It’s almost too emotional and lovely too!

The video is now breaking the internet, with over 2 million views and counting! It’s too interesting and too enticing to skip this, so do yourself a favor and click on this clip to watch it. If it steals your heart so well, SHARE it on Facebook!


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