No One Taught This Dog To Do This But He Does It Correctly. So Strange!

Some people prefer to spend their time with pets compared to babies while other love babies more than pets. 

Everyone has his or her reasons behind it. But have you ever imagined how lively it can get if you have a baby and a pet (in this case a dog) in the same house? The best gift you can ever give to your growing baby is a dog. There are things that babies who grow up with dogs learn from them. They learn how to be responsible, caring and compassionate. They even instill some necessary life lessons to the young guys which they may never learn in any classroom.

This video shows a typical dog-baby relationship and how both of them stand to gain. It’s no secret that these two happen to have some form of understanding whose basis is hard to understand. This is evident from the way we see the adorable beagle called Charlie relate with the little girl. Charlie is not one to get jealous like some dogs do, he has the right way of approaching issues…

As revealed by Charlie’s owner within the video, they have taught him how to do other things like, playing the keyboard, swinging a baby crib and changing traffic lights, but they never understand who taught him to love their daughter. They thank him for making them smile every day!

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