No One Wanted To Adopt This Kid, What The Social Worker Does Will Surprise You!

Taylor and his two sisters who were homeless before, were adopted in 2003. But for being too angry, Taylor’s foster parents decided to take him back.

Taylor had a bad behavior which he confessed of not being aware of while growing up. Connie, Taylor’s social worker, tried to see him adopted for ten years but was frustrated since she never succeeded in doing so. Connie told him that every child of having a family and every kid is adoptable.

Connie never surrendered finding a home that would accept his personality. She got very distressed one day after seeing what the poor kid was going through, and by the next day, she was filling the adoption papers so as to have him.

It’s so ironical for Connie to have searched for 10 years for foster parents for Taylor and finally she ends becoming her mom.

At last, this tough headed boy is happy at his permanent home. Taylor said that he understood Connie better, and that he was to be with her forever because of the care and love she shows him

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