Not A Lot Was Expected From The Five Playful Boys. When They Started Performing? WOW!

The kind of joy watching this video brings will surely make your day!

From the time I saw them take the stage, I instantly knew there was something special coming up since they appeared like men on a mission. This is the Lake Howell High School, where the auditions of the talent show were taking place. On this day, Dylan, Nigel, Jordan, Matt and Elias that come from “Hot Scots Drum Line” were performing. They have everything that any person attending such an occasion could like to see – they are talented dancers, spinners and can act silly when necessary.

They have great levels of confidence that make them have fun while on the stage. I wonder what they do when amidst their peers. Throughout their joyous ride, everything takes place effortlessly- you may think their drums and sticks are playing themselves! That’s how talented they are!

 What a performance at such an age! They are surely future stars in the making! I’m not surprised they ended up becoming the show’s ultimate winners!

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