Not All The Time You Come Across Such A Talented Subway Performer, This Left Me Smitten!

Do you ever stop whenever you see or hear performers doing their thing on the street or at the subway station? Have you ever spared even a second to do so?

To most of us, no is the answer.

Normally, the performers do not force anyone to stop, as a matter of fact, it is their talent that makes people stop. That is the same thing that happened in one subway station located in Chicago.

In the clip below, we meet a talented yellow-hooded figure who is playing the guitar. Despite that, some people still don’t spare him their time. That is the case until when he opens his mouth and starts singing.

When that happens, people stop and start watching. Ashley Stevenson is the name of the performer, and as we learn at the end, she is permitted to perform at this subway station.

If you want to know what it means to be talented, just wait until she performs her own rendition of “Landslide,” a song by Fleetwood Mac. Everything about her performance is fascinating and it’s something you will love to listen to anytime.

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