Not Even Her Big Birthmark Will Stop This Mom From Having Some Real Fun. Awesome!

When Joanna Tronconi was born, she had her birthmark spread all over her. It was a port-wine stain birthmark that she would have to live with her whole life. However, being a strong person, Joanna didn’t look at as much of a deal.

She grew up all so comfortable with her looks. She would often explain to her classmates and friends that her looks were just that. She was beautiful and happy in her own skin. But things started changing!

At 40, the birthmark started swelling. Joanna would later learn that she had a certain disease that made the skin to swell wherever the birthmark touched. However, she’s still a strong woman, and she’s not going to let some skin swellings to ruin her life. Joanna wants to life a full life, without restrictions on her looks or hiding herself. Luckily, she has a great son!

In this clip, you watch as her son helps her to cover up the marks and make her feel beautiful in herself. You’ll love the way she exudes confidence. Her son is helping her spread awareness about this condition too. Great!

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