Not Many Can Do What One Teen Did With A Homeless Man – Thanks The Cop Recorded Everything!

It has become a normal thing for people to pass by a homeless person without even having that eye contact. But good news is that there are those people who have feelings and will take a little of their time and try to help them like we have seen in many videos.

A police officer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, named Eric Gaines, took a picture of a teen boy praying for a homeless man he had encountered in the streets. Revealing to the Baltimore Sun, the officer said that he had formerly seen people disturb the homeless so he thought that the teen was doing the same too. But upon looking closer the boy was praying for the man.

Touched, the police said that he was amazed to see a black person do such a thing in the area and it was the reason behind him taking a picture.

Even though the officer never had the opportunity to talk to the teen because he rushed and took a bus, he pronounced him to be the best example the local residents would follow. Upon uploading the photo on his Facebook page, it received more than 35,000 views.

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