Not Many Will Compete With This Little Girl When Doing This… Rib-Cracking!

It’s hard to be bored when around toddlers. The best thing to do when around them is having your camera on the standby to capture some of the amazing things they do since it’s hard to predict their next move.

So far, many clips have been posted online that have captured kids doing amazing things. I hope you have had the chance of watching the kid who was recorded by his parents doing some moves while “Single Ladies,” a song sang by Beyoncé was playing. There is also a story of twins who were using a unique language to converse.

This video features a toddler who is doing a similar thing. Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” was playing when the little girl who was in the kitchen decided to shake it! She seems to be a fan of the captivating song and her moves are enough to reveal that. I believe most of us could have been tempted to join her at the scene. If the toddler continues with the same attitude, then, she has a well-defined career awaiting her. Don’t you think she has enough to make it in the dancing industry?

I couldn’t resist smiling when I watched this clip, what about you? Please make your friends smile by SHARING with them!


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