Not Much Was Expected From The Nervous Teen, But When He Opened His Mouth… WOW!

Judging others is an art that most people have perfected. That is exactly what happened when Charlotte and Jonathan took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent back in 2012. Even judge Simon did not expect anything special from the two who were about to perform on stage. He even whispered his sentiments to one of his co-judges.

Not a single person imagined that their performance will end up being one of the popular performances in the history of YouTube. Jonathan who was 17 years of age was bullied because of his size, but in spite of that, Charlotte never abandoned him at any time. Three months prior to this audition, he had experienced a nervous breakdown. It seems that the experience had made him a better person since he never disappointed on this day.

They sang “The Prayer” in a spectacular way and left everyone jaw-dropped. It is one of those performances that reminds you that judging a book by its cover is always wrong.

Please watch their stunning performance below and learn why it went viral within a very short time and let us know what you think about it.

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