Nothing Prepared Him For This When He Was Woken Up By His Expectant Wife… What A Moment!

Nearly all kids are born in the hospital of which is a cool idea because you are near medical staff in case of any complication. Holly Dawson was expectant and all of a sudden while at home, she started having labor pains at 3:30 AM. Her husband Martin Boyce rushed to get everything ready so that they would go to the hospital but it was a bit late, as she was in too much pain which she never expected.

Before long, Martin’s mom was there and contacted the midwives for advice on what to do in such a condition. The midwives had all explained to her as she kept doing all and by 4:32 am, a baby girl called Olivia was born successfully. The midwifes were on their way to her house when she was delivering.

Martin said that he thought the midwives would reach on time to help in the delivering process but that was not the case. He continued saying that he was full of fear when they did not show up, but he is actually very happy for having witnessed and took part in the delivery of his daughter, a story he will tell her when she grows up.

Holly too was glad all happened with no complication. She got overjoyed that the moment was caught on camera so that they can look at it forever.

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