Nurse And Doctors Adopts A Baby Born Without Eyelids And Nose

When Adam was born, he couldn’t close his eyes and mouth. The little boy had no eyelids, nose and hands. His legs were attached together. But he had a healthy heart and brain. His own parents refused to take their child home. They even threatened to poison him if anyone forced them to take him!

However, the world hasn’t run out of good people yet, so this nurse and doctor, a couple, decided to do what no one expected. They adopted the kid and took him with them. Adam was to receive some medical attention and surgery, which became very costly. Again, the community came out for the child. In just a week, people contributed $100,000 for the kid!

The child is okay now; he can even close his eyes and mouth. What Raja and Jessica Paulraj did for this child is incredible. Adam is going to live a happy life with them.

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