Nurse Finds Out That Her Patient Will Become Homeless, What She Does? So Kindhearted!

Of the people who I consider to be kindhearted, an oncology Nurse called by name of Cynthia tops the list. When it came to her notice that a teen patient that she was taking care of was going to become homeless in a short time, she knew she had to do everything to assist. Her decision led her to go for help at the generous people of the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Actually, it was when Basil, a teen of 17 years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, that Cynthia came to know of him. While visiting Basil at the hospital, his mother began conversing with Cynthia of how things weren’t going ok for their family. She told her of how tirelessly she had worked but never raised enough money to take care of her son’s medical bills. Moved with Basil’s confession, Cynthia had to help the family by looking for a room near the hospital where they would stay without paying rent. When Cynthia saw that the family would be forced to go out of the place anytime soon and with nowhere to move to, she knew that she had to do something, since she was very much aware of what cancer is since some of her relatives had died of it.

Seeking help from the Fox5 Surprise Squad, they never hesitated but to hand a surprise gift to the family, that even Cynthia never had a prior clue of it. Watch the clip below to find out which gift the family received.

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