Observant Teen Solves An Abduction Case By Peering Into A Stranger’s Car

The worst experience which any parent can go through is learning that something bad has happened to his/her child.

That can turn the world upside down leaving the parent doing everything possible to ensure the child is ok. So it was the worst nightmare when parents discovered their kid was missing. Overwhelming fear was already creeping in as no one knew where the child was or what might have been happening to him.

When such cases take place, we only hope that investigators and police officers will do their best to bring them home. It is the best moment when they manage to safely do it. But without the help of the general public, sometimes it can be quite difficult for the police to uncover such happenings.

That means we must always be careful and report anything suspicious which might be happening around us. By doing that, we might end up saving someone’s life.

Jocelyn Rojas, a 5-year-old kid was the one missing. She was at the front of the lawn when she was kidnapped.

Without wasting time, a missing poster was prepared by the police. Fortunately, Temar Boggs and one of his friends were keen.

The little’s girl’s case could have ended up being a difficult one if they had not spotted Roja in one of the passing cars.

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