Officer Came Across A Dying Baby In The Forest, The Next Move Was Angelic!

A woman by the name of Edinora was collecting fruits from a forest in Columbia. She loves the fruits because they grow organically in the forest and they are delicious. Just like anything good, if you make it free, it becomes awesome. This day was however was not going to be as awesome as usual. She was almost done picking fruits when she heard a baby crying in the forest.

She alerted police officers about it and Officer Urrea was among the first officers in the scene.  She arrived eager to help the baby. What she saw made her maternal instincts kick in strong. The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached to her and she was literally starving. The baby was also at risk of catching an infection.

She immediately started nursing the baby and what she did saved the baby’s life. Take a moment and watch what is happening.  Have you experienced such an incident before? Post your comments below on what you think makes such mothers do inhuman acts to their loved ones.

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