Old Woman Starts To Dance At The Shopping Center, Seconds Later… What A Luring Power She Has Got!

An eldery woman started dancing at one shopping center located in New Zealand, when DNC’s hit “Feelin’ Good Ooh La La,” started playing. It never took long before 80 people of approximately 65-96 years joined her in the dance. This was nothing but “the world’s oldest dancing group.”

The dancing group was backed by Lifemark. This is an organization that rates homes for the old disabled people for the purpose of letting people know the necessity of special housing for the old population of New Zealand. The Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand revealed that come 2020, the total number of people with 65 years and above will be more than the children’s population. Apart from New Zealand, other countries that their old population will be more than 20% are the United States, UK and Canada. This is as per U.S. News report.

Lifemark was also relaying an important message of letting the public to know the needs of the aging population, when they promoted the dancing. MIT’s AgeLab Director, Joseph Coughlin, said that they are always asking on how to design old people’s items, but in real sense, they are supposed to think about what is better, wanted and fashionable. Even though the dance group has it clear that even when someone is found surrounded by people of all sorts, he truly has his preferences and style.

The clip below was posted on YouTube in August 2012, with “The World’s Oldest Flash Mob” as the title, but still it receiving positive comments. Last Tuesday, there was a comment left saying that it was an amazing performance where everyone did his thing without caring what others thought of them. The commenter continued saying that he wished that he could have been there.

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