On Their Way Home From Deployment, These Soldiers Never Expected This… So Touching!

Even though listening to news is very important, sometimes it can make you get stressed up. The following story will motivate you in many ways.

After finishing their deployment in Afghanistan, these thirteen Marines were at Chicago waiting to board an airplane to San Diego. While at the airport, they were surprised to find out that any military who travels with his uniform on, was granted a seat at the first class section.

In the first class section, there were only six empty seats remaining, but other seven passengers decided to honor the remaining military by leaving their seats and going to the second class one in order for the marines to be together.

Confessing to Fox News, Capt. Pravin Rajan said that the action was very heart touching since they were from a complicated war zone and there were people out there who showed them some motivation to carry on.

But what they never knew even before boarding the plane for the connection is that Stephanie, Rajan’s wife, had already contacted the American airlines when these marines were on their way from Baltimore to Chicago to pick their last flight.

Apart from Stephanie’s efforts, John Colas, an old marine aged 74 years also had also informed the San Diego Police, firemen and others of their arrival.

When they alighted from the plane, the marines were surprised to see that the fire department and Chicago police were waiting for them at the airport.

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