One Customer Was Struggling To Order At The Drive-Thru, What Followed Caught Me By Surprise!

Have you ever known that people with disabilities encounter difficulties in doing their daily tasks like driving, paying bills, and many others as compares to a normal person?

While not very many organizations help the disabled, a certain company is doing everything to assist them. People who are deaf find it hard when they need to use the drive-thru. This is because they have to place an order to an attendant who’s behind an intercom. But this coffee chain named Starbucks, has changed its approach to drive thru users. They have now deployed a face to face alternative on the menu screens at select locations so that they can facilitate the ordering process to those who use sign language for communication.

In the clip below, we see a woman using the technology at one of the Starbucks center. When the worker greeted her as a routine and she never responded, the menu detected and went blank. Seconds later, the employee appeared on the screen and woman was able to make her order with no problem.

With this technology, deaf people eliminate the difficulty of communicating in places like drive thru. What do you think? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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