One Heartfelt Question Rescued A Student About To Commit Suicide. Watch!

Darnell Barton, a bus driver in Buffalo in New York for the last three years, is a big man with a big heart. Darnell has met all sorts of people in his line of duty.

One day, he was picking passengers along his route when he noticed something strange. A young lady was climbing over the guard rails, gazing at the traffic below.

Darnell stopped the bus in the middle of the road and reached out to the young woman. Darnell asked if the woman was ok, and requested her to come to the other side of the road.

The kind-hearted driver helped the woman over to the other side and gave her a bear hug.

The driver was kind enough to keep the woman company till the police arrived.

The video footage shows Darnell stopping the bus and helping her safely to the other side. Darnell questioned her for a while and got a few details of her life.

The police arrived, and Darnell went back to work. He received a standing ovation from the passengers on the bus.

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